Since the mid-20th century, we have been producing different wine-based beverages, such as mistela or quinado wine. Among them, our Vermouth stands out.

This drink is made with all the care, starting with a top-quality wine from the wineries in our area, and mixing it with macerations of different types of plants such as wormwood, gengiana, cardamom, clove, hibiscus, chamomile, cinnamon, fennel,… even over 30 different.

The result, once adjusted, sweetened, rested and filtered, is the Vermouth Atxa .

Our Vermouths for you

Vermouth gets its name from wormwood: wermout in German, since it is this botanical that provides it with its characteristic flavor. In 2020, the prestigious Peñín Guide presented its first Peñín Vermouth Guide, which includes six of our vermouths, which it rates between very good and excellent.