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Quality and Tradition

In 1831, Mr. Paul Pomés founded a factory of spirits, compounds, liqueurs and syrups in a small workshop in old pre-industrial Bilbao.

Without knowing it and together with Mr. Manuel Acha, they were building the foundations of what a few years later would be called Destilerías Manuel ACHA, a historic company, a benchmark in the liquor market.

Since then, our family has dedicated with passion to the distillation of spirits and liqueurs, closely preserving its recipes and production methods.

After five family generations and almost two centuries of history, we know that there is no heritage more valuable than the passage of time. The knowledge and experience acquired and transmitted generation after generation are our seal of guarantee.

In continuous evolution with the trends and preferences of the consumer market, we have managed to develop and position around the world more than 200 references of spirits, unwaveringly maintaining the most demanding quality parameters in our traditional processes.

Destilería Manuel Acha Liquor Factory

With incalculable historical value, Destilerías Manuel ACHA SA is the oldest active company in the Basque Country, the oldest family-owned company in Spain and one of the three oldest family companies in all of Europe.

Since 1884, we have been located in the center of Amurrio, a town in the historic territory of Álava, Spain, located in the heart of the green and beautiful Ayala Valley, of high scenic and cultural interest.

In our facilities, you can see, still in use, our Charentaise-style stills, made 100% in copper by the Hervé & Moulin house in the French region of Bourdeaux and which were acquired by our family in 1892 for 10,058 pesetas. In addition, you can visit our beautiful and complete museum of distillation, dedicated to our almost two centuries of history. In it, you can see the different production processes over the years, as well as other historical curiosities of our family and company.

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five generations

The knowledge and experience passed from generation to generation have been and are today our best seal of guarantee.