In 1926 Martín, a grandson of D Manuel Acha, studied in Scotland and took advantage of those years to learn, at the request of his grandfather, the techniques of making and maturing whiskey.

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Made from selected malts of the highest quality, following the traditional production techniques of the Acha family after five generations. Its long aging in oak barrels of different origins and levels of toasting complements and rounds off this incredible wine with incomparable aromas and flavors, the result of a careful selection of whiskey from our original reserve after having matured for years. Based on our old recipe from the early 20th century .

Made from the highest quality malts following the traditional techniques of the Acha family after five generations.

Since the beginning of the last century we have wanted to keep the traditions and slow and patient processes that our ancestors learned and developed to make our whiskey, but we have also wanted to adapt and, using our three-year-old whiskey as a base, our Urban Distillery develops whiskey liqueurs to satisfy other palates and other types of consumption.