Haran, in Basque, means valley, like the beautiful Ayala Valley, one of the most impressive natural spots in the Basque Country, the majestic valley where the cold, crystal-clear waters of the Nervión River are born. In the heart of this valley, we find Destilerías Acha which, since 1831, continues to make its traditional products, under the noble arts of distillation, maturation and blending.

Although Whiskey Haran is based on an old recipe from 1880, to this day, it is a conceptually modern single malt whiskey . Given the impossibility at that time of obtaining quality peat for drying the germinated barley, they opted for the production of quality malts made fresh, using smoking techniques and slow-fire drying of oak wood. Having recovered these old production techniques, guarded with zeal for more than a century, we began to produce again, more than twenty years ago, our then famous whiskey.